• Abdelrahman Alaa HIT Egypt

    Abdelrahman Alaa

    Co-Founder and Head Coach

    CrossFit L2 - CrossFit Powerlifting - CrossFit Mobility- 2nd fittest individual in Bahrain 2014 - Klokov's weightlifting seminar - Crossfit Competitors - Opex level 1 coach in progress
    Pharmacist graduate and an ex football player. I use exercise to relieve stress and help me solve life's problems, I'm hooked so much so that i knew i wanted to do this for life share my knowledge and experience to positively impact the lives of many people around me, now it became my passion in life is to always find out how to make people's lives better day after day.
    Favourite Benchmark: Fran
    Favourite Lift: Snatch
    Least favourite combination of movements: Thrusters with Chest to bar pull ups
    Favourite Cheatmeal: Pizza

  • Sherif Nassar  HIT Egypt

    Sherif Nassar

    Co-Founder & Head Coach

    CrossFit L2 - CrossFit Weightlifting - CrossFit Gymnastics - CrossFit Mobility - Crossfit Advanced gymnastics
    A political science graduate, and an ex-football player, Sherif turned his passion for sports into a career. "I have always wanted to use what I love to help in developing my community through the most important factor in any nation's development (the people) so I decided to shift my goals into something bigger .. changing people's lives!"
    Favourite Benchmark: Elizabeth
    Favourite Lift: Deadlift
    Least favourite combination of movements: ring muscle ups with handstand push ups
    Favourite cheat meal: Burger

  • Mahmoud Tarek HIT Egypt

    Mahmoud Tarek


    Crossfit L1 - Crossfit Aerobic capacity
    As a pharmacy graduate and a molecular biology postgraduate student, my ultimate goal is to help myself and others to live life the healthiest and happiest way possible. Crossfit grabbed my attention after i have been in different team and individual sports. Fun, challenging, continuously varied and wide-scoped...these elements don't only describe Crossfit, but they describe a healthy happy life.
    Favourite Benchmark: Diane
    Favourite Lift: Snatches
    Least favourite combination of movements: Sumodeadlift high pull with push jerks
    Favourite Cheat meal: Cookies and milk

  • Adel Alaa HIT Egypt

    Adel Alaa


    As an ex-professional footballer, playing for various top class teams, I have been always passionate about fitness and how effective it is on health and performance. During my school years, I learnt how important it is to balance between my studies, long hours of training, nutrition and recovery. I used to do extra strength and conditioning training than our training offered and coaches in all teams encouraged me and pushed my teammates to join me.
    When i started College years, I got introduced to Crossfit as a sport and I knew this is where i belong. I started focusing on getting better in all aspects of fitness: Speed, power, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. I also explored more into the nutrition world which made me believe much more in the power of optimizing healthy nutrition.
    Another important thing I've learnt from General physical preparedness is the importance of warming up, cooling down and recovery for the muscles and joints. While many "high-level" athletes tend to ignore these elements, I believe that including them into an athlete's training is What makes the difference between Progress and Injuries.
    Through Hit Egypt, I am able to pass on the experience I've gained throughout my sports career and the knowledge I'm still gaining on an everyday basis to people, helping them living their lives in a healthy manner and to the fullest.
    Favourite Benchmark: Death by muscle ups
    Favourite Lift: Deadlift
    Least favourite combination of movements: Thrusters and burpees
    Favourite Cheat meal: Burger

  • Diala Jamaleddine HIT Egypt

    Diala Jamaleddine


    Crossfit L1
    I am just a normal person who is very passionate about her job. As a child, I was raised by an athletic father and a mother obsessed with healthy living. I've tried almost all kinds of sports at a very young age.
    I grew up focusing on tennis as a main sport. I've participated and won various Tennis on the national and international (ATF and ITF) levels.
    When I first experienced Crossfit, it was totally different than anything I've ever experienced. It challenged me on the physical, mental and personal level and it changed the way I think and live to a much healthier version.
    Being a coach at Hit Egypt has given me so much confidence and joy. Being able to help others achieve their goals and improving their lifestyles, everyday, provides me with motivation and inspiration to reach mine and maintain the healthy lifestyle i was raised on.
    Favourite Benchmark: Nancy
    Favourite Lift: Overhead Squats
    Least favourite combination of movements: Thrusters with burpees
    Favourite Cheat meal: Sweet potato fries

  • Mohamad Ayman - Honda HIT Egypt

    Mohamad Ayman - Honda


    Crossfit Anatomy - Crossfit Scaling
    People Keep asking me "what's your aim?"! well, I don't have one. I do what i do, whether it's training or coaching because it makes me happy. Witnessing a person achieving a planned goal and being able to share that with many individuals every single day is just overwhelming.
    I've been doing sports for as long as I remember, including 20 years of professional football. I know the rewarding feeling of achieving a personal goal or task after hardwork accompanied with frequent failures and patience along the way. That's why I find it very appealing for me to be a part of this experience for other people, supporting them, putting goals, fixing mistakes and following up on their progress until one day they achieve their aim.
    The sense of sharing part of the story of an uprising community bonded by stories of strength, pain and tears of joy is why I joined Hit Egypt in the first place.
    Favourite Benchmark: All bodyweight wods
    Favourite Lift: Snatches
    Least favourite combination of movements: Heavy squat cleans with burpees over the bar
    Favourite Cheat meal: Pizza

  • Moetaz Ebeid - Mizo HIT Egypt

    Moetaz Ebeid - Mizo


    Crossfit L1
    With an 11 years experience of football training, along with having a strong swimming and track & field background, I've learnt that fitness is not an ultimate goal to reach, instead it's a journey that does not end!
    Sports have taught me that being a better version of myself is my ongoing goal.
    Being someone who can support people on being fitter for years to come and having a place that allows people to feel better about their lives has been a dream come true. Through Hit Egypt, I was able to achieve my dream and lead a community pursuing a healthy and balanced life.
    Creating a generation that understands the importance of sports in life psychologically, mentally and physically is my passion and what I've been and will be pursuing .
    Favourite Benchmark: Kelly
    Favourite Lift: Cleans
    Least favourite combination of movements: Snatches with bar facing burpees
    Favourite Cheat meal: Cheese Fries

  • Mohamed Nosseir HIT Egypt

    Mohamed Nosseir


    Crossfit L1
    Being an engineer, a waterpolo athlete and hitting the gym on a regular basis, I've known for a fact that one's potential is only limited by his mind and the only way to unlock it is to get our of one's comfort zone...That's when your greatness is unveiled.
    I've always struggled with keeping balance with my life between studies, sports and social life. when I tried Crossfit, I've learnt that quantity doesn't count as much as quality in life, and as long as you manage your time and arrange your priorities, you can actually achieve all what you desire.
    Through Hit Egypt, I aim to always deliver the best quality of physical exercise to each individual I encounter and get to know. I build friendships with those who I've been at their place one day, and together, we take control of our life, unlock our potentials and inspire.
    Favourite Benchmark: Murph
    Favourite Lift: Snatches
    Least favourite combination of movements: Deadlifts with Chest to bar
    Favourite Cheat meal: Pizza

  • Carla Ihab HIT Egypt

    Carla Ihab


    Crossfit L1
    Growing up in an international school as a kid, it was typical that my family would have the concern to broaden my life experiences in every way possible. I was introduced to all kinds of sports through out my school years including gymnastics, swimming and tennis. The only thing that was constant, was my passion for being active and always pushing my body beyond its physical barriers.
    When I got to know about Crossfit, I wasn't very convinced that there could be a sport out of general fitness, however, after trying out a few sessions I was hooked. It's not about the sweat or perfecting your body image, it's more about the discipline, mentality and purpose behind the scenes. Crossfit has changed my life upside down on a physical and personal level.
    My dream is to pass on my personal experience to my friends, family and everyone i get to know. To be able to change people's live through Hit Egypt and grow the sense of commitment and personal responsibility to always aim for a healthy lifestyle has been a privilege I get to live with everyday.
    Favourite Benchmark: Diane
    Favourite Lift: Cleans
    Least favourite combination of movements: Overhead Squats with burpees
    Favourite Cheat meal: Chocolate