A program designed to bring out the best in you through a series of body weight workouts and pushing your limits to help you lose weight and tone your body.

All year round

Saturday-Wednesday @6/7/8PM

All coaches

The Climb

A 6-week transformation challenge, with a customized nutrition plan for each athlete plus one-on-one follow up from the coaches. This challenge is offered every 3 months to help lose or gain weight and transform their body image, including 3 fitness challenges throughout the 6 weeks and 3 weigh-ins to track athlete’s performances closely.


Saturday - Wednesday @8:30 pm

All coaches

Fit Kids

It's never too early to start being healthy, our HIT Kids program ensures our kids get on track at an early age! From the ages of 5-10 years and 11-16 years, offered three times a week our program is both fun and beneficial for kids, and includes bi-weekly nutrition classes to build our kids right.

All year round

Saturday, Monday & Wednesday @6:30 & 7:30 pm

Mayar Azmy, Carla Ihab & Mohamed Nosseir


One hour workout sessions tailored for all those busy women, who seek an active healthy lifestyle while dominating the business world or looking after their kids. This program guarantees getting your body toned without leaving you out of breath.

All year round

Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday @7:00 pm

Diala Jamaleldeen


This program combines all 3 elements of Crossfit, from weightlifting to gymnastics to cardiovascular exercise. This program is built to forge athletes to change their lifestyle into an athletic lifestyle. The athletes practice all basic techniques of weightlifting and gymnastics besides enjoying high intensity workouts allowing them to become well rounded athletes.

All year round

Saturday -Wednesday @6/7/8PM

All coaches

Fit Teens

The perfect program to get your kids active and in shape, our fit teens program is designed to teach them the basic movements in a fun safe environment

All year long

Saturday, Monday & Wednesday @7:00pm

Mayar Azmy, Mohamed Nosseir & Carla Ihab